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Nicole  Holofcener - Walking and Talking
Phil Agland - Woodlanders, The
Manuela Alberti - Missing, The
Allison Anders - Sugar Town
Christina Andreef - Soft Fruit
Gillian Armstrong - Charlotte Gray
Christopher Ashley - Jeffrey
David Attwood - Wild West
Bille August - Best Intentions
Chris Bernard - Letter to Brezhnev
Tony Bicat - Christmas Present
Kevin Billington - Reflections
Les Blair - Bad Behaviour
Les Blair - Jump the Gun
Les Blair - Leave to Remain
Jeremy Bolt - Shopping
Danny Boyle - Shallow Grave
Danny Boyle - Trainspotting
Richard Bracewell - Gigolos, The
Nick Broomfield - Diamond Skulls
Andrew Bujalski - Funny Ha Ha
Andrew Bujalski - Mutual Appreciation
John Byrne - Slab Boys
Peter Cattaneo - Lucky Break
Simon Cellan Jones - Some Voices
Gurinder Chadha - Bhaji on the Beach
Peter Chelsom - Hear My Song
Alan Clarke - Rita Sue and Bob Too
Sue Clayton - Disappearance of Finbar
Ross Cramer - God on the Rocks
Frank Cvitanovich - First Kangaroos
Michael Darlow - Accounts
Terence Davies - Long Day Closes, The
Terence Davies - Neon Bible
Jamil Dehlavi - Born of Fire
Jamil Dehlavi - Immaculate Conception
Joseph Despins - Disappearance of Harry
Robert Dornhelm - Further Gesture, A
Justin Edgar - Large
Christine Edzard - Fool, The
David Evans - Fever Pitch
Richard Eyre - Singleton's Pluck
Ferdinand Fairfax - True Blue
John Feldman - Dead Funny
Colin Finbow - Doombeach
Bill Forsyth - Gregory's Two Girls
Karl Francis - Giro City
Stephen Frears - My Beautiful Laundrette
Francois  Girard - Red Violin, The
Jonathan Glazer - Sexy Beast
Kenneth Glenaan - Yasmin
John Goldschmidt - She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas
John Goldschmidt - Song for Europe, A
Charles Gormley - Living Apart Together
Charles Gormley - Heavenly Pursuits
Peter Greenaway - Drowning By Numbers
Peter  Greenaway - 8 1/2 Women
Peter  Greenaway - Baby of Macon, The
Peter Greenaway - Pillow Book, The
Peter  Greenaway - Prospero's Books
Paul Greengrass - Resurrected
Maggie Greenwald - Songcatcher
Colin Gregg - We Think the World of You
Colin Gregg - Remembrance
Colin Gregg - Lamb
Terence Gross - Hotel Splendide
Nick Hamm - Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence
David Hare - Wetherby
Tony Harrison - Prometheus
Maurice Hatton - Nelly's Version
Maurice Hatton - American Roulette
Julian Henriques - Babymother
Mark Herman - Brassed Off
Mark Herman - Purely Belter
Werner Herzog - Invincible
Mike Hodges - Croupier
Joel Hopkins - Jump Tomorrow
Ben Hopkins - Nine Lives of Tomas Katz, The
Ben Hopkins - Simon Magus
Norman Hull - Ladder of Swords
Nick Hurran - Remember Me
Tunde Ikoli - Smack and Thistle
Robert Jan Westdijk - Siberia
Neil Jordan - Angel
Asif Kapadia - Warrior, The
Shekhar Kapur - Bandit Queen
Jerzy Kaszubowski - Road Home, The
Beeban Kidron - Vroom
Mark Kilroy - Hard Shoulder
Andrew Kotting - This Filthy Earth
Mike Leigh - Topsy Turvy
Mike Leigh - Life is Sweet
Mike Leigh - Naked
Mike Leigh - Career Girls
Mike Leigh - Sense of History, A
Mike Leigh - Short and Curlies, The
Mike Leigh - High Hopes
David Leland - Wish You Were Here
Po-Chih Leong - Ping Pong
Ken Loach - Raining Stones
Ken Loach - Riff Raff
Ken Loach - Carla's Song
Ken Loach - Fatherland
Ken Loach - Ladybird Ladybird
Hettie Macdonald - Beautiful Thing
Gillies MacKinnon - Trojan Eddie
Tony Mahood - River Street
Sean Mathias - Bent
Paul McGuigan - Acid House, The
Paul McGuigan - Gangster No. 1
John McKay - Crush
Ken McMullen - 1871
Shane Meadows - Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
Nancy Meckler - Sister My Sister
Nancy Meckler - Alive and Kicking
Ketan Mehta - Maya
Saul Metzstein - Late Night Shopping
Jocelyn Moorhouse - Proof
Christopher Morahan - Paper Mask
Paul Morrison - Solomon and Gaenor
Peter Mullan - Orphans
Marc Munden - Miranda
Anthony Neilson - Debt Collector, The
Mike Newell - Good Father, The
Mike Newell - Soursweet
Jim O'Brien - Dressmaker, The
Pat O'Connor - Month in the Country, A
Damien O'Donnell - East is East
Paul Oremland - Final Frame
Pascal Ortega - Bad Hats
Thaddeus O'Sullivan - December Bride
Thaddeus O'Sullivan - Nothing Personal
Horace Ove - Playing Away
Ron Peck - Empire State
Pedro Pinzolas - Lucky Village
Barney Platts-Mills - Hero
Stephen Poliakoff - Hidden City
Stephen Poliakoff - Food of Love
Stephen Poliakoff - Close My Eyes
Dennis Potter - Secret Friends
Carl Prechezer - Blue Juice
Elaine Proctor - Friends
Simon Pummell - Bodysong
Stephen Quay/Timothy Quay - Institute Benjamenta
Barbara Rennie - Sacred Hearts
Franco Rosso - Nature of the Beast, The
Tim Roth - War Zone, The
Dom Rotheroe - My Brother Tom
Philip Saville - Shadey
John Sayles - Men With Guns
Moody Shoaibi - Dog Eat Dog
Peter Smith - No Surrender
Robert Smith - Wild Flowers
Jan Svankmajer - Alice
Jimmy T Murakami - When the Wind Blows
Alan Taylor - Emperor's New Clothes
Julien Temple - Filth and the Fury, The
Julien Temple - Vigo - Passion for Life
David Thewlis - Hello Hello Hello
Jamie Thraves - Low Down, The
Sergio Toledo - One Man's War
Rob Tregenza - Arc, The
Gus Van Sant - Gerry
Stephen Whittaker - Closing Numbers
Michael Winterbottom - Welcome to Sarajevo
Michael Winterbottom - With or Without You
Peter Wollen/Laura Mulvey - Bad Sister